I keep forgetting to make posts about little things that I purchase on a regular basis.

As a result I have many photos of items I’ve purchased in the last month and a half; it only seems right to post them now (before I forget!!)

IMG_1224 The jewelry is from Brandy Melville! I got it on my previous downtown Toronto excursion!

 The Sunglasses are from The Black Market on Queen St. West.

 This is one of my favourite soaps from LUSH, it’s called Sultana.


I’m just stocking up with skinny jewelry and getting ready for spring! (I am aware it is already spring, but it doesn’t feel like it in Canada…at least not yet.)

Sorry If this post was too picture heavy!!!


p.s. don’t the aviators and the iphone case look great together? huh? HUH!



This weeks music monday song brings me back to my ‘scene’ days!

Back when I was in 8th grade all I would listen to was: My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco, Paramore, and Fall Out Boy. Sadly, all of these bands lost popularity, and stopped making music as frequently.

BUT, as of late Fall Out Boy announced that they have a new album coming out, and the pre-teen in me can’t wait to hear it!

This song is called My songs know what you did in the dark (long title I know) by Fall Out Boy. Click on the image to see the video!


This weeks song is called San Francisco by The Mowgli’s!

This tune makes me so happy, and the video reminds me of all the fun things I can do once I finish this school year (like smiling…and falling in love).

Speaking of school, I am less than a month away from finishing my second year at university (I just have to get past the dreadful exams)!

Hope you like the song as much as I do! (Click on the image to see the video)


Accessories I want for Spring/Summer!

I was messing around in Polyvore making little collages of items that I would love to have, and I thought It would be nice to post them here!
Note that I wrote “I would love to have” instead of “I expect to buy/own”, because most of the things that I like in these collages are quite costly. Since I’m a student (and therefore I’m always broke), chances are I’ll only own 2 or 3 of these items by the end of summer.
BUT, a girl can dream. So here are my S/S 2013 must have accessories!
P.S. If you have a polyvore account FOLLOW ME. Please.

This Music Monday song is called Colors by Grouplove, and it’s seriously incredible!

This music video makes me want to live in California, paint my face with war paint, and run across fields with my friends…just for the heck of it.

Click on the image to see the vid (skip to 0:54..that’s when the song starts)!



My necklace with big honkin' faux diamonds

My necklace with big honkin’ faux diamonds

I used to think that costume jewelry only belonged in dance competitions and halloween parties (Madonna circa Material girl). But recently, the idea of wearing costume jewelry has transcended the competitions and the parties to reach the runway, and our homes.

Seeing how not everyone (certainly not me) can afford big necklaces with real honking diamonds, we all have settled for the more affordable option. Costume jewelry.

I have seen this trend get bigger and bigger as time passes. Stores like topshop, asos, and Forever 21 are stocked with a multitude of necklaces, rings, and bracelets of every shape and size! I’m loving it!!

Anyone else loving costume jewelry as much as I am?


DIY…yeah right.

Hopefully mine looks this good!

Hopefully mine looks this good!

I’ve always thought of myself as a very creative person, and I do love a good challenge. So whenever I see DIY projects, I am incredibly eager to give them a try (though they never quite end up looking how they are intended to look).

I’ve failed more times than I have succeeded in this DIY business, and I simply feel that maybe I’m not crafty-artsy-hipster enough to be worthy of DIY goodness.

However, I was stumblingupon (on stumbleupon….It’s a website. In case you didn’t know) and I saw the most simple/clean/elegant DIY project I’ve laid my eyes on, and I’ve decided to give this a try and DIM (it stands for DO-IT-MYSELF)!!!

This will be my make-it-or-break-it project for DIY.

WML!! (Stands for WISH ME LUCK..ugh)


p.s. Click on the photo to see the DIY beauty I’m raving about. It’s entitled Animal Menagerie (So magestic)!

Considering that my last post was about being healthy, I was a little apprehensive to write this one…but THE HECK WITH IT.

I made some cupcakes from scratch yesterday (there’s a this great feeling I get from baking without the help of Dr. Oetker and Betty Crocker). Needless to say, they ended looking and tasting amazing!

I completely forgot to take pictures of my baking process (it’s a complex one indeed). I’ll be making these tasty bitches again in the near future, and when I do I’ll be posting the photos here!

Just a heads up.